Action-freezing flash and coloured gels: photographing para climber Anoushé Husain

Professional sports photographer and Canon Ambassador Samo Vidic is known for shooting the world’s best athletes for leading international brands and publications. Now in his latest project, Slovenian photographer Samo decided to photograph the top sportspeople that can sometimes be overlooked: disabled athletes overcoming the odds to master the sports that they love.

British climber Anoushé Husain was born missing her right arm below the elbow. She’s survived cancer and lives with multiple health conditions, but none of it has stopped her from becoming an award-winning climber. Samo wanted to capture Anoushé’s determination to reach her goals with an action-filled climbing shot and a powerful sports portrait, but when he met her at a climbing centre in England, he quickly realised that the shoot wasn’t going to be simple.

Read the article on the canon website:

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