Anoushé stars in new EFDS films to mark International Day for Disabled People

On Sunday it’s International Day of People with a Disability. The theme for this year is “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all’. It aims to promote understanding of disability issues and mobilise support of dignity, rights and well-being of disabled people in all spheres of society.

This year I had the honour of partnering up with the English Federation of Disability Sport for their “Me, being active” campaign. I had the opportunity to show just how much being active through climbing is helping my independence, keeping me happy and increasing my overall well-being.

My hope for the future is that the barriers that those with visible and invisible disabilities face to becoming and staying active will no longer exist. Activity is crucial to maintaining our physical, emotional and mental well-being and resilience. Everyone deserves to be active and be treated with the utmost dignity when trying to be active.


Full film:

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