Let’s learn to look beyond what we can see

Building on her two recent articles on The Active Amputee, Anoushé Husain explores the challenges people with invisible disabilities face in their day to day lives. She builds a strong argument for finally creating those badly needed safe spaces that allow honest, constructive and healthy conversations.

Perceptions, Assumptions And A Bit Of Badassery

How did you lose your arm? Oh, you write really well with your left hand, you must have adapted really fast! I can’t imagine living with one arm…

Over the last few weeks, I have had an incredible number of life changing experiences. From giving a workshop at the Women’s Adventure Expo and attending my first LimbPower junior games to picking up an injury due to having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and having to pull out of the climbing season. I won the Sunday Times Helen Rollason Award, completed my indoor climb of Mt Everest for Shine Cancer Support, met the Prime Minister and gave the opening headline talk at this year’s Women’s Climbing Symposium. Frankly? It’s been nuts but in an incredibly good way, aside from the EDS complications and my battle with competition fitness.

go read the full piece on The Active amputee:

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