Local paraclimber and cancer survivor takes on Everest challenge for Shine

London paraclimber Anoushé Husain has scaled the height of Everest, an incredible 8,848m, in her bid to raise money for cancer charity Shine. As a cancer survivor herself, Anoushé took on the feat to climb the height of the worlds tallest mountain as part of the charities Smash it for Shine initiative, which encourages individuals to challenge themselves and become a superhero for young adults living with cancer.

Over the past 6 moths Anoushé has completed over 1000 climbs on indoor climbing walls across the UK ranging in height from 9-15 meters, concluding her challenge with a ‘summit push’ at her local climbing centre, The Castle Climbing Centre in North London.

Shine is the only UK charity that exists exclusively to support adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s who have experience a cancer diagnosis. Their vision is that every adult in the UK living with cancer in their 20s, 30s or 40s can access the help and support that they need in a way that suits their lifestyle, and that they are a part of a confident, supportive and empowered community of young adults living with cancer.

Anoushé commented: “Throughout my life I have met and known wonderful people, colleagues, friends and family affected by cancer. It’s a very difficult experience to watch that suffering. However, one pattern that became apparent to me was that children, teenagers, the elderly and the general population all have charities lobbying for them, creating social events and giving much-needed support. But how about young adults with cancer? Where do they find support that is tailored for their very specific needs?

“This is where I heard about Shine Cancer Support and decided that this is a cause I want to support, not just with my time, but also by fundraising through sporting events. Shine has a special place in my heart, as this charity has transformed so many lives including my own.”

To support Anoushé’s incredible climb visit:


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