Paraclimbing Comes To The Castle

Anoushe Husain - Sandy CarrAnoushé Husain is a public speaker, civil servant and paraclimber refusing to let any barriers get in her way. Born missing her right arm below the elbow and experiencing multiple health conditions throughout her life, Anoushé shares her experiences in the build up to Round 2 of the Paraseries at the Castle on 17th October.

Did you know that there’s a national climbing series for differently-abled climbers? I had no clue when I started climbing and luckily found out from one of the charities I’m affiliated with.

The series is called the National Paraclimbing series. It’s open to any level paraclimber, including if you’re absolutely brand new! Those who win within their category might get invited to join Team GB.

When I found out about the series, I was so new to climbing that I was quite intimidated by the thought of competing. I didn’t know the format and didn’t know any other paraclimbers so I decided to wait a year, pick up some experience, get more comfortable on the wall and join in last year.


Read the full piece over on the Castle Climbing Centre website: 

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