Anoushé is Ready to Rock

Anoushe collage 2rexize 2Anoushé has been climbing indoors for a little while now but, until recently, hadn’t made that step to climbing outdoors. We caught up with Anoushé after her first outdoors climbing trip to see how it went.

Even though climbing indoors had been a hobby for a little while and I had been asked and encouraged by friends to join outdoor trips, I was always really nervous about going outside. I was born with one arm and currently face a wide range of health issues which, although they are well-managed, made me more nervous about climbing outdoors. What if something wrong were to happen outside? What if I got stuck somewhere? What if I hurt my left hand and that would mean being fully dependent on people while it was healing? All of these things for me meant that climbing outdoors simply felt like too much of a risk. Honestly, I was scared to climb outdoors, it felt like a step too far from my comfort zone. I wanted my first trip to be with a professional, even though I knew how to climb and I knew that my climbing friends would be supportive.

Read the rest of the interview with Joanna Rowbottom for the BMC here:


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