What matters is how I choose to live my life

060.JPGHi, I’m Anoushe. I’m a public speaker, paraclimber, trying to qualify for Team GB, work full time and work with a variety of organisations highlighting the plight of those stigmatised by society in order to help them overcome the barriers they face and their own self-limiting beliefs.

Over the next few weeks and months you’ll be reading a series of articles from me touching on a variety of subjects. Today, you’ll be getting an insight into my life, how I have become the person I am and hopefully a glimpse into where life is heading.

I was born missing my right arm below the elbow. This came as a complete surprise to my parents as nothing was picked up during the pregnancy scans. As with any parent, it’s normal to not know what the prospect of your child is going to be when they look different and in a society that often associates physical difference with physical inability or intellectual impairment. Thankfully they found an awesome resource with Reach, a UK-based charity for children born with upper limb differences. Their motto is “it’s ability not disability that matters” and with that, my parents decided that I would be a normal child, more than that, an achiever. Someone who would not experience the barriers that are so often seen and experienced by people with physical differences.

Read the full blog on The Active Amputee:


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